Aquilant’s Cardiology team presented with award recognising their work in moving innovative vascular solutions forward into the UK market 

Aquilant Cardiology were thrilled to receive the renowned Vascular Solutions Inc. (VSI) award for the highest sales of the Turnpike catheter range at VSI’s worldwide sales meeting in January 2017. The range was launched into the US market in 2015, and is designed for specialist applications and complex coronary interventions. Aquilant’s Cardiology team were challenged with launching the product into the UK market to provide clinicians with new innovations in practice.

John Bumby, General Manager at Aquilant, said: “We were delighted to accept such a prestigious award, which acts as a true reminder of the expertise and strong work ethic our sales team possesses. Our team consistently delivers education and advice around every product to ensure each one is used safely and with confidence. It’s a real honour for all of us at Aquilant to have been recognised for our work!”

The depth of knowledge within the Cardiology team has proved essential in working with top UK cardiologists to deliver expertise and support in enabling the effective use of the Turnpike range.

John continues: “Aquilant Cardiology ran several clinical meetings to talk with cardiologists around frustrations in the practice of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), and showcased the product in live case demonstrations. The guidance and delivery of the product provided by our team has resulted in the Turnpike range fast becoming the catheter of choice in treating cases of chronic total occlusion.”

The Turnpike catheter is provided in three versions; a standard version, the Turnpike Spiral catheter and the Turnpike Gold. Each catheter has a multi-layer shaft, providing the ultimate combination of flexibility and torque response in practice. It is just one of the many innovative medical devices VSI produce to ensure superior clinical solutions for diagnostic and interventional vascular procedures are available to clinicians all over the world.

Aquilant are continuing to observe increased demand for the Turnpike range, with consistently positive customer feedback. In addition, Aquilant’s strong relationship with VSI has proved vital in the successful deliverance of a range of new products, which is demonstrated in the receipt of a second award from the prestigious organisation- an award for the highest overall sales.

For further information about the Turnpike range, please click here.