Aquilant is proud to be supporting the Cardiff Advanced Endoscopy Symposium, an event spread over two days and made up of the Colorectal Endotherapy Masterclass on Thursday 9th November, and the BSG ESD Interest Group Course on Friday 10th November. The symposium will involve training in EMR and ESD for trainees and consultants led by a national and international expert faculty. Topics covered will include:

  • Focus on technical aspects of Complex polyp management and EMR
  • Decision making with complex polyps and dealing with post polypectomy complications
  • Endotherapy of polyps in difficult locations
  • Tips from experts on techniques, diathermy, variations and accessories
  • Reducing complication rates
  • Training programmes in EMR
  • Hands-on ESD training using models

To find out more and to register for these events, click here.