Aquilant’s SecurAcath awarded onto the

Innovation Technology Programme

As part of the NHS England ITP, Trusts in England will be able to order SecurAcath on a no cost basis

Both Aquilant and Interrad Medical are delighted to announce the success of SecurAcath Subcutaneous catheter securement device being selected by the Innovation Technology programme for 2018/19. SecurAcath was selected as one of 4 successful ITP applications from a very competitive field. We are proud to be part of this group of innovators!

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    • SecurAcath is a device to secure catheters, and can dramatically help reduce catheter dislodgements for patients with a peripherally inserted central catheter. SecurAcath can also help to reduce the time taken to care and treat dressing changes and also help to reduce infection risk for patients.
    • This type of catheter is normally used in people needing intravenous access for several weeks or months in both inpatient and outpatient settings and NICE estimate up to 120,000 people per year could be eligible


The ITP programme

The Innovation Technology programme was launched at the NHS Confederation conference by Simon Stevens on 15 June 2017 and as part of NHS England’s commitment to the Five Year Forward View, NHS England.

The aim of the ITP is to help deliver on the commitment detailed within the Five Year Forward View – creating the conditions and cultural change necessary for proven innovations to be adopted faster and more systematically through the NHS, and to deliver examples into practice for demonstrable patient and population benefit.

  • The ITP programme starts from 24th April 2018 to 31st March 2019
  • Builds on the Innovation and Technology Tariff (ITT) and aims to support the NHS in adopting innovation by removing financial or procurement barriers to uptake of innovative products or technologies
  • Is a competitive process to identify innovations and technologies that will offer the greatest quality and efficiency benefits with wider adoption

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, said: “From the very beginning the NHS has been at the forefront of driving innovation, as we celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday the NHS continues to champion innovation. These technologies will improve patient safety and potentially reduce the need for invasive and expensive tests.”

Professor Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation at NHS England, said: “For new innovations to flourish and spread at scale access to funding is critical, by buying these four innovations centrally NHS England has removed the barriers to the spread of these innovations so patients can benefit faster.”

 Where do I go to find out more or to place an order for SecurAcath?

  • For product queries or training on the benefits and use of SecurAcath from one of our Territory Managers contact us via email or phone at or call +44 (0) 1256 365 490
  • The following product details apply:
Product / Size Code No Quantity
SecurAcath – 3F 400130 Box (10 each)
SecurAcath – 4F 400140 Box (10 each)
SecurAcath – 5F 400110 Box (10 each)
SecurAcath – 6F 400150 Box (10 each)
SecurAcath – 7F 400120 Box (10 each)
SecurAcath – 8F 400160 Box (10 each)

 Download SecurAcath Brochure


  • To place an order with us at Aquilant, you need to send us a NIL (£0) value Purchase Order
  • It must reference “SecurAcath ITP”
  • All the above codes for SecurAcath will be delivered at zero cost to the trust
  • Send orders to
  • The Purchase Order must ONLY contain SecurAcath and not be mixed with any other product items on the same PO
  • SecurAcath will only be available direct from Aquilant

For customer testimonials take a look at SecurAcath’s YouTube Channel