Latest advance to capsule range delivers improved diagnostic performance and user experience

Aquilant, a leading provider of endoscopy equipment has launched the new OMOM® VUE™ Capsule Endoscopy reporting platform, the latest innovation in the ground-breaking OMOM® capsule range from the Jinshan Science & Technology Group. While retaining a light and compact design that maximises patient comfort, the latest system incorporates an enhanced mix of features that deliver further improvements in diagnostic accuracy and user experience.

With its advanced optical design incorporating Speedsense™ adaptive frame rate technology, which adjusts according to patient motility, this latest generation OMOM® capsule offers the highest quality diagnostic output. The new system also supports a more rapid and accurate image review, thanks to its intuitive VUE™ reporting platform, a new feature rich, user focused software. Additionally, with the inclusion of a real-time image viewer, which supports live image playback, the OMOM® capsule can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making.

Having been built from the ground up following collaboration with end users and clinical experts from around the world, the OMOM® capsule system is a truly user centred platform. By combining a simplified and more intuitive interface the OMOM® VUE™ helps support easier workflow management and a dramatically improved user experience.

Capsule endoscopy is becoming an increasingly important tool for gastroenterologists to use while investigating their patients, helping to improve diagnostic output, patient experience and work flow. Matt Aronow, Marketing Manager at Aquilant explains:

“With an ageing population and various bowel cancer screening programmes there is an ever-increasing demand for endoscopic investigations and capsule endoscopy has a valuable role to play in helping to manage this increase. Getting the best balance between diagnostic performance, ease of use and patient comfort is always a challenge, which is why a patient friendly technology such as capsule endoscopy is being so widely adopted. It’s important to identify a system that will give you high quality images, is intuitive and user friendly and can be easily configured to suit your individual needs. With more than a million capsules used to date globally, the OMOM® system’s cutting-edge diagnostic capabilities and user-friendly design makes it very well placed to meet these needs. If we are to meet the growing demand for minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, innovations such as this will be increasingly important going forward.”

The technology enables patients to swallow a small pill sized capsule containing a tiny camera, which is able to take approximately 70,000 images of a patient’s gastro-intestinal tract during an average test.

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