Aquilant is pleased to be in attendance at the GS1 healthcare conference on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd November 2017. Come and see us on stand  to understand how Aquilant’s approach to Scan4Safety can help you to become compliant to the e-procurement mandate and understand how our approach will aid the key areas of:

  • Reducing Loss & Expiry
  • Purchase to Pay Solutions
  • Catalogue, Price & Master Data Management
  • PEPPOl Messaging Standards
  • Customer Satisfaction

Aquilant is an integral and indispensable partner to manufacturers and end-users, providing a range of Medtech Services and solutions designed to equip practitioners with the best tools to deliver optimum patient outcomes. 


What does Aquilant do for its customers?

Aquilant presents end users with a comprehensive, flexible and reliable solution for sourcing medical and scientific devices essential to patient outcomes.  

Offering clients a central supplier with bespoke solutions and broad product portfolios and reliable, flexible customer service, such as next day delivery.

This is  enhanced by its best in class sales and service offering, both pre and post-sale. This is a key element of its value added service which takes the Aquilant offering well beyond a traditional distributor, with services like specialist clinical sales expertise training and after sales engineering services support.

Behind the scenes Aquilant’s operations offer a bedrock of operational resources and well-invested infrastructure and know-how.

One such area of investments has been in our capability to meet GS1 and PEPPOL standards and in doing so further extending our capabilities to support the needs of our manufacturers and end-user customers to make sure we deliver optimal procurement efficiency and enhance patient safety.

Aquilant essentially wants to onboard customers to deliver our broad range of manufacturers’ products and services and to do so, we need to work ever closer with customers to achieve these goals.


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